Design ideas and helpful hints for curtains and draperies
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When deciding what look you want your room to occupy, curtains can play a crucial role. Do not overlook your window treatments, they make a room appear finished. There are so many fabrics, styles and cuts though. It can be hard to know which is right for you and your style.

Depending on what your curtains are meant to do for your home, you may need a different type. For example, lightweight curtain fabric such as lace, linen and sheer cotton is a good choice if you’re planning to sew or hem them yourself. If you are going for an antique or dressy decor, delicate lace is a great choice. For more versatility or casual feel, cotton is more appropriate. Lightweight fabric also allows a more generous amount of light to come into the house. This might not be the best choice for bedrooms if you want to sleep during odd hours, but they are good for sitting rooms or kitchens, which often lack natural light and could do with additional warming. Lightweight fabric could also be used to layer over heavier fabric to add style.

For a creative look, patterned curtain fabric is a great choice. With so many various decorative fabric prints to choose from, you can add a minimalist flair to your living room, bedroom or bathroom. Patterned fabrics come in a variety of floral, striped, plaid and animal prints, so you can suit the design to the aesthetic you’re going for.

If you are in search of highly functional curtains that are meant to keep out the cold and light, then you should consider medium-to-heavy weight curtain fabric. These fabric weights are more versatile and practical than their lightweight counterparts, whether you want formal, contemporary, cottage or traditional styles. Medium-weight fabrics like cotton and canvas come in many varieties and will go with nearly any home decor style. Heavyweight fabrics like suede, denim, tapestry tweed or velvet are great for commercial curtains in hotels and restaurants. They work extremely well as insulators during the winter and as blackout curtains during the day. Heavier fabrics with rich colors and textures such as silk and velvet, give your windows a more formal look. Medium-weight and heavyweight fabrics add texture to a room, providing a fantastic focal point.

Here are a few of the current trends in curtain decor:

1. White Lace Banding

For a romantic ambiance, install soft translucent lace curtains in your bedroom. It will delicately filter light into the room. Add a romantic flourish to your bedroom by installing soft translucent curtains in your bedroom. The color white is also known to increase the romantic sparks between partners

2. Patterns
Don’t be afraid of patterns! Installing curtains with square or polka dots can add a nice touch to the room. For kids’ rooms, select a multi-colored print and for more mature decor stick to monochromatic. If you use a single color palatte for the rest of the decor, the curtains will get a nice pop of attention. But don’t be afraid to mix and match prints too, a trend that is really popular lately.

3. Bright colors

Another fear a lot of homeowners often face is bright color in their decor. Curtains are a perfect baby step into getting over the anxiety. This way, you can leave the walls white or beige, and still step out of the neutral bubble. Design secret: When your curtains have a custom fit, you won’t think twice about your bright color phobia again.

4. Dark and Deep
For a warm, cozy library or den, installing dark curtains is a great solution. Darker curtains also help you get a better night’s sleep, especially if you need to sleep during odd hours. Installing a double liner helps, and it allows you to have the option of mixing colors. Select a dark wine-colored curtain paired with a cream liner. Luxurious materials like velvet or silk are an added bonus.

5. Floral designs
If your first thought was grandma curtains, think again. Whether you prefer large floral prints or small ones, mix the feminine print with something more masculine like industrial or contemporary furniture. The two will balance each other out. Or you could go overly feminine for a more romantic look. Install on a decorative curtain rod to give a complete finishing touch.